Huskers Center Mike Caputo To Play In Bowl

December 22, 2011

B1G Blotter, Neb Football

DSC_0009 Our long national nightmare is over. We know the fate of Mike Caputo:

Husker center Mike Caputo will play in the Capital One Bowl, Bo Pelini confirmed Thursday.

The Nebraska coach announced the decision hours after a legal resolution was reached in regard to a citation Caputo received a couple weeks ago.

The senior lineman pleaded guilty to reckless driving Thursday. A judge ordered Caputo to pay a $100 fine, the maximum fine for a first-time city infraction, after Lincoln police say they found him intoxicated and sleeping in the driver’s seat of a running vehicle on Dec. 11.

Caputo also must also attend a victim impact panel where he and others receiving tickets listen to testimony from those whose lives have been impacted by drunken driving.

For those who think this isn’t enough:

“He has been disciplined internally over the past couple weeks following his incident, and he will have additional disciplinary measures during our bowl trip in Orlando,” Pelini said in a statement.

“As I have stated before, we run a disciplined football program based on accountability, and our track record off the field and in the classroom stacks up well against anyone in the country.

“Our players trust that I handle discipline in our program in a fair manner, and that I will make an informed decision after looking at the facts of each situation independently.”

If you say so, Bo.


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