Caption Contest: What Are They Thinking?

December 22, 2011

IU Hoops

Pic via Indiana University Alumni Association

This is one of those pictures (click to enlarge) in which you can go person by person and wonder what they’re thinking (starting with Marquis Teague, whose hand is on Darius Miller’s butt).

So, add your best caption in the comments.

The winner gets a free one-year subscription to The Daily Big Ten. Second place? A free two-year subscription to The Daily Big Ten!

(And, yes, we used the the LAST SECOND HOLIDAY GIFT to make it all the more special.)


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5 Comments on “Caption Contest: What Are They Thinking?”

  1. Rowdiesdotcom Says:

    #25 Teague is thinking “I can’t bear to watch. . .so I will stick my head in his butt.”

    Also kinda cool are the players numbers: Watford’s #2 represents IU being the 2nd best at that point in the game (not for long) and Miller’s UK is currently #1. Teague’s #25 could be something like, “Welcome back to the Top 25, IU” Then #12 VJIII in the corner is the new order of things after the shot goes in–IU #1 and UK #2. Finally, Oladipo’s #4 means the Hooisers are back to the Final Four?


  2. Tony Says:

    I like the guy dressed like a mafia member between the police officer and Verdell.

    “I am SO glad I wore my best suit to this game.”


  3. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    I always stink at these caption contests, but I’ll go with:

    Teague “If I undercut my own player, will he get to shoot free throws?”


  4. Tony Says:

    Victor actually looks kinda bored.


  5. Rowdiesdotcom Says:

    Then there’s grumpy UK fan with arms crossed in the background whose negative energy guided the ball through the hoop, pondering IU man with index finger across chin thinking of his car insurance, and IU lady with red scarf around neck about to pass out. .all classic.


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