Watching Your Buckeyes Grow

December 21, 2011

OSU Hoops

Remembering young Aaron Craft.

The day was January 30th, 2000, and Super Bowl XXXIV was about to kick off. Our High School football assistant coach invited us (football players) over to his house to watch the game. Lucky me, at the time, my girl friend lived directly next door from him. I go over and say Hi to my girlfriend and head back over to coaches house. His two sons were outside playing basketball.

Coach went out there and said “What are you guys doin’ out here? The Super Bowl is on!”. The youngest replies “I’m practicing to become the best, like you taught me.” Can you guess who that young boy was?

The young boy was a boy by the name of Aaron Craft. His father John, is a great coach and even better man. As you can see from how Aaron acts, plays, and displays himself, it is quite obvious how well Coach did on him.

Aaron’s older brother, Brandon, deserves a mention too. The last game he saw before he was deployed to Afghanistan was the Duke game. Looks to me that little brother wanted to give big brother a “going away present.” I will be honest with you, I knew that Coach Craft was doing a great job raising his boys, but Aaron is athletic, hard working and (most importantly) smart. What else could you ask for from a basketball point guard?

My point of this article is to keep your eyes open. No matter what team you follow, this is a small world. The next “big thing” could be right next door (literally) and always be supportive of your young ones. Aaron wanted it from a young age and worked his butt off.

Now he is one of the best point guards in the country. God Bless and GO BUCKS!


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