Former Penn State Players Letter Of Support For Joe Paterno

December 21, 2011

Jerry Sandusky, PSU Football

Joe Paterno
Here is the text of the letter that 425 Penn State players signed and released for Joe Paterno’s 85th birthday today:

As members of the Penn State Community, we are deeply saddened by the allegations against Jerry Sandusky, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. Given the allegations against Sandusky, we understand the public’s outrage because we share it.

At the same time, however, it’s important to remember that all of the facts surrounding this troubling matter are not known. Until all of the facts are known and due process has run its course, we ask that the public reserve judgment about Joe Paterno and the Penn State community.

DSC_0430 copy Having known Coach Paterno for many years, we can say with certainty that Joe Paterno is a remarkable man and that Penn State is a remarkable institution. Joe has had a profound effect on the lives of almost every member of the Penn State family. Joe has taught Penn State faith, fairness, philanthropy and the importance of academic excellence – all values that make Penn State a great institution today.

Penn State’s new president recently said that he wants the university to be known as a great research institution. In fact, the institution that Joe helped build is much larger than a single coach or team. Penn State is 94,300 students on 24 campuses. We are Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Dickinson School of Law and Smeal College of Business. We are the world’s largest dues-paying alumni association. We are home of the world’s largest student run philanthropic organization. We are the University that has raised over $500,000, to date, for victims of child abuse during its darkest hour.

We are much more than just one man or one sport. We are a great research institution today and a university that prepares all of its graduates for success in many different fields.

Many in the Penn State community view the public’s rush to judgment of Joe as a rush to judgment of everything Penn State. We ask for due process for Joe Paterno and the Penn State community. Based on the immense quality of Joe’s character and the absence of all the facts, we stand in support of Joe and Penn State.

The Penn State Football Family


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2 Comments on “Former Penn State Players Letter Of Support For Joe Paterno”

  1. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    I think I’ve made my position pretty clear on this whole Penn State scandal issue, but then every few days something new comes out and floors me again, and I feel the need to cathartically write out some aspect of my feelings again.

    Do any of these people signing this letter get it? The answer is a sickening ‘no’. There is absolutely no reason for a letter like this

    They want us to withhold judgement until the facts are out. Fair enough. So, let’s review a few facts that we DO know.
    1) Jerry Sandusky was a close friend and subordinate under Joe Paterno for 30+ years.
    2) Jerry Sandusky was being groomed to be the replacement head coach at Penn State in the late 90s, and then abrubtly resigned in the prime of his coaching career. He was even offered the job at Virginia before ‘discussions reached an impasse’ (wonder if his references at PSU turned up bad).
    3) There is was enough evidence presented to the State of Pennsylvania to charge Sandusky, Curley, and Schultz.
    4) Oh, and then there’s all that grand jury testimony by McQuery and Sandusky’s victims, taken while under oath which was enough convince the State of Pennsylvania to hit Sandusky with charges of 52 counts of sexual assault on boys.

    So boil that down. Somebody besides Sandusky and McQuery knew that something was up. And did little to investigate or prevent future molestations. And when Joe Paterno was notified directly by McQuery of one of the ‘incidents’, he did at best, the bare minimum that was required of him and kicked it up the chain of command.

    The ONLY way Paterno isn’t culpable to at least some degree in all of this is if Sandusky gets acquitted. So in essence, these players are presumably rooting for Sandusky to get off. Absolutely no pun intended.

    This is the height of selfishness, and really the same problem that allowed Sandusky to roam free with minors on Penn State’s campus for well over a decade.

    This isn’t about football, or football players and coaches anymore. Its about a predator, and the superiors who potentially enabled him for far too long.

    No doubt Joe Paterno has been and is a great man in many aspects of his life, but on at least one moral and crucial issue, he failed miserably as a human being. Unless of course Sandusky is innocent. Don’t hold your breath, you 425 idiots.


  2. Tony Says:

    Yes. Actions – or inactions – have consequences.


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