More Purdue Football Players Arrested

December 20, 2011

B1G Blotter, Purdue Football

In what is unfortunately becoming a trend for the Purdue football team, two more players were arrested in West Lafayette on December 19th.

Sophomore linebacker Will Lucas and senior defensive end Gerald Gooden were both arrested for suspicion of theft, while Lucas was also arrested for suspicion of criminal mischief and receiving stolen property. Gooden has 33 tackles on the season and two sacks, while Lucas has 74 tackles with one sack and a forced fumble.  No charges were filed.

Suspensions may not be coming from these matters, but nonetheless this is neither the type of behavior that Purdue wants to condone, nor the image it wants to put forth to the rest of the conference and nation.


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One Comment on “More Purdue Football Players Arrested”

  1. Tony Says:

    The blotter feature is busier than I thought it would be.


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