Bill Conlin On Jerry Sandusky

December 20, 2011

B1G Blotter, Jerry Sandusky

Philly Daily News columnist Bill Conlin stands accused of molesting multiple children over a period of years, which is horrible and mortifying unto itself.

Adding to the smarminess factor is the fact that he ambled up on his high horse over Jerry Sandusky and Penn State last month:

People who say they would have pounded the snot out of Jerry Sandusky had they been alerted by the alleged shower-room assault will remember Kitty Genovese . . . Everybody says he will do the right thing, get involved, put his own ass on the line before or after the fact. But the moment itself has a cruel way of suspending our fearless intentions.

If the allegations in the Philly Inquirer story are true, Conlin knows what he’s talking about. Person after person after person didn’t get involved to stop a monster.

Also this:

One more thing the Trustees could have done: Having failed to cancel the Nebraska game, which they should have done, the money generated by the final home game of this blown-up season should be placed in escrow and distributed to the victims once what will be a torturous and bizarre legal process runs its course. That will be a down payment for the huge hit the university will take when the civil awards start coming down. Fortunately, Pennsylvania trial and district courts are still off limits to TV coverage. We will be spared a Casey Anthony circus.

And what about Conlin’s alleged victims? Where will the down payment come from?

In a separate column, Conlin seemed annoyed that Franco Harris was fired from his casino greeter job for defending Joe Paterno:

ALL NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris did was give a ringing TV character endorsement to that no-good SOB, Joe Paterno, and rip that wonderful, sinless Penn State Board of Trustees for the timing of the former legend’s firing.

Franco’s old coach was fired for stuffing a child rape allegation against former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky where the Sunshine Laws don’t shine.

Awfully flippant language around an issue that very well may hit close to home, no?


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