Bad Big Ten Shirts: Busy Michigan Edition

Too much.

Here’s a Bad Big Ten Shirt from our friends at Michigan.

This one uses the popular evolution theme, suggesting man – or our ancestors, the monkeys (discuss) – started out as Ohio State fans before fully evolving into fully functioning, higher level Michigan fans. Unoriginal, but fine.

Though I’m not sure why it needs the “monkeys” and “modern man” over the pictures. Most of us were able to put that together – maybe even the alleged monkey Buckeye fans in our midst.

What really does this shirt in, however, is the second element: “OHIO STATE SUCKS. NCAA FOOTBALL.”

Given the complete (and over explained) thought above, isn’t that a separate shirt at this point? Or maybe slap it on the back?

And why was “NCAA FOOTBALL” needed? We get that we’re talking about football, as the “OHIO STATE SUCKS” is in maize on a blue football, after all.


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6 Comments on “Bad Big Ten Shirts: Busy Michigan Edition”

  1. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    Ugh, awful. Are we sure this one is even real? This pic looks suspiciously like the ‘’ web-interface where you can preview your t-shirts before ordering them…

    I must say we’ve done a good job at finding some real bad Big Ten shirts though. Might be time for another Minnesota one soon…


    • Tony Says:

      Yes, it occurred to me that this shirt may never have been produced or worn. But it was just so awful that it needed to be included, especially since somebody took the time to design it (at the very least).


  2. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    And why on earth does “Monkeys” have an apostrophe? Is there an implied possesive there, or is this particular Michigan fan too stupid to understand the basic tenets of modern English?

    I’m guessing the creator was not an actual graduate of the ‘Harvard of the West’.


  3. J Money Says:

    The incorrect apostrophe usage in “monkey’s” makes it even funnier to me.



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