Under Armour To Outfit Northwestern

December 17, 2011

NU Football, NU Hoops

It seems like everyone is getting in on the new jersey trend, both around the nation (think Oregon’s new jersey ensemble per game funded by Nike and Phil Knight) and in the B1G (earlier this week Minnesota teased us with tiny screen shots of new uniforms/helmets).

As first posted by CNBC’s Darren Rovell via Twitter, now Under Armour has signed-up Northwestern as the first Big Ten school to wear the fast-rising, sports apparel maker’s gear. All athletic teams at NU will wear the often loud and flashy uniforms designed by UA.

Nine schools will now wear Under Armour duds: Auburn, Boston College, Maryland, South Carolina, University of South Florida, Temple, Texas Tech, Utah and Northwestern. Apparently Under Armour is looking to do more in Chicagoland: “We want to do more in the Chicago marketplace and build on our Wrigley deal,” Under Armour’s Matt Mirchin said on signing Chicago’s Big Ten School.

Focusing mainly on the football team here, I’m a little exited and little scared at this news. Looking back at a few Maryland games had me turning the channel because of their atrocious jersey scheme.

Then there are the ones from South Carolina and USF which are somewhat loud, but still kinda cool. Unis like Auburn‘s and BC‘s seem a lot more traditional and I hope the direction that the Wildcats will be going in, but what do I know?

Earlier this season against Penn State, the team went with silver/grey helmets and a full-on bright purple ensemble. Although they looked cool for a game, I’m not sure I could deal with the look for the entire season.

Actually NU has always pushed the boundaries with their colors in the past. In the mid-1990’s the football team first went with the Purple and Black, a more intimidating look than the Purple and White, and I think it had a real effect on the team’s attitude and outlook.  Since then the Cats have gone to several bowl games, won/shared 3 Big Ten titles.

We will see if other Big 10 teams follow suit, but that will be up to how the jerseys are viewed by fans and the media.  No pics yet, but looking forward to the how they end up. . .

The press release can be found here.


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2 Comments on “Under Armour To Outfit Northwestern”

  1. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    Love Under Armor, and their products are generally awesome (those Maryland jerseys not withstanding). I have a feeling they’ll come up with something pretty sweet for the ‘Cats.



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