Penn State Football Program Just Keeps Getting Better

December 17, 2011

B1G Blotter, PSU Football

Penn State wide receiver Curtis Drake apparently beat up starting quarterback Matt McGloin after practice today – with McGloin then going to the hospital after a possible seizure, according to his dad.

The university issued the following statement:

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State Police were called to the football locker room this afternoon to investigate a report of a fight between two members of the Nittany Lions football team — Matt McGloin and Curtis Drake — after they finished practice.

McGloin was taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center where he was examined, treated and released.

Campus police and Penn State’s Office of Judicial Affairs will investigate the incident and report results as they would for any other student involved in an incident on campus.

The university should hardly be surprised. This is the third time the police have been called to the aftermath of a Curtis Drake fight.

McGloin, for his part, quickly took to Twitter to issue denials:

Or did he?

Well, we just don’t know what to make of all this – what with the honesty, transparency and clarity surrounding this football program.

They are a little confused at Bodog, too. The game has been taken down for the time being:

In the midst of this breaking story, the “Official Twitter for Penn State Football” took time to congratulate Penn State’s graduates.

It’s a nice thought and certainly something that should be celebrated. They just look silly in my Penn State Twitter stream, given the university’s well deserved “nothing to see here” approach to life over the last 15 years or so.

The program is in shambles, and it is only getting worse.


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4 Comments on “Penn State Football Program Just Keeps Getting Better”

  1. fatfreddystubbs Says:

    You’re a moron. The same guy had other tweets saying that McGloin and Drake were jawing during practice, Drake approached McGloin in the locker room to make amends, and MdGloin either A) shoved him away or B) took a swing at him, before Drake dropped him. It happens. Maybe an Indiana pussy would just stand there and let a guy push him and (try to) punch him, but most guys with a pulse wouldn’t react that way.

    And Penn State football, troubled though it might be, is still in better shape than IU football or basketball.


    • Tony Says:

      I’m not certain what you’re objecting to. In this post, I note that the McGloin claims his Twitter was hacked. I, for one, am skeptical.

      I also note that this is Curtis Drake’s third fight in which police had to be called. The subsequent post asks if this will be his last chance, given the new environment in Happy Valley.

      Just out of curiosity, how many times do police have to be called to a Curtis Drake fight for Penn State – and its supporters – to say “Enough”? How severe do the injuries have to be?

      You seem to suggest that we have not yet reached that point. I would disagree. I’m guessing the university will, as well. And I guess we know what you will think of them for that.

      As for Indiana, I’m not sure we’re comparing apples and apples here (though Indiana is 10-0 after tonight’s win). That said, I would prefer not to have an athletic program than have one whose leaders enabled/ignored an (alleged) child molester in their midst for 15 years.

      But that’s just me (a Pennsylvania taxpayer).


  2. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    “And Penn State football, troubled though it might be, is still in better shape than IU football or basketball.”

    Stunning. The state of a football program is defined by a bit more than wins and losses. Integrity plays a sizable role, something Penn State has apparently had in short supply for way too many years. In terms of integrity and human decency Penn State has defined an absolute new low. That the Board of Regents hasn’t had the guts to raze the program indefinitely tells even more. Anything for the almighty buck.

    Oh, and don’t look now – but I think IU basketball is doing just fine.



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