2012 Heisman: A Look Ahead

December 14, 2011

Mich Football, OSU Football

Denard and Fitzgerald, very early Heisman candidatesWe’re about 363 days from the 2012 Heisman ceremony, which means Heisman Pundit is taking a look at the field.

Three Big Ten players warranted a mention as Heisman candidates or Heisman frontrunners:

Denard Robinson, Michigan – He’s perhaps the biggest name in the race and the most accomplished over the past two seasons. If anyone is the front runner, he’s it. He could be primed for an outstanding senior year now that he is more familiar with Michigan’s new offense.

Fitzgerald Toussaint, Michigan – While he was only the second-leading rusher on his team, Toussaint average 135 yards on the ground over the last five games of the season. If he keeps up that pace all next year, he’ll be in the Heisman conversation.

Braxton Miller, Ohio State – Showed great flashes as a true freshman and should blossom in Urban Meyer’s offense, for which he is a perfect fit.

No Hoosiers? Gophers? That’s an outrage!

And I’m guessing the Heisman Pundit assumes Montee Ball will go to the NFL.


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