Big Ten Poll Watch: Who Was Snubbed By Whom

What would Oscar do?

The Big Ten is well represented in the week 6 Associated Press top 25 basketball poll, but some odd things were going on in the voting by some members of the media.

Here, we take a look at who the outliers were when it comes to voting on each of the ranked Big Ten teams:

Ohio State (No. 2)

  • Best: No. 1 (Bret Strelow, Gary Laney, Paul Klee, Pete Gilbert, Ron Morris, Seth Davis,  Steve Walentik)
  • Worst: No. 9 (Fletcher Mackel, Jon Wilner)
  • Most common: No. 2 (22 times)
  • Full report here.

Wisconsin (No. 14)

  • Best: No. 9 (Joe Juliano, Scott Wolf)
  • Worst: No. 23 (Kevin McNamara)
  • Most common: 14 (21 times)
  • Full report here.

Indiana (No. 18)

  • Best: No. 5 (Ray Fittipaldo)
  • Worst: Unranked (Fletcher Mackel, Jason Franchuk, Kevin Dunleavy, Mark Smith, Myron Patton, Roger Clarkson, Scott Mansch, Tom Enlund)
  • Most common: 19 (nine times)
  • Full report here.

Illinois (No. 19)

  • Best: No. 14 (Cormac Gordon, Kevin McNamara)
  • Worst: Unranked (Dave Borges, Mark Smith)
  • Most common: 19 (15 times)
  • Full report here.

Michigan (No. 20)

  • Best: No. 15 (Rick Bozich)
  • Worst: Unranked (Dave Borges, Jeff Lockridge, John Feinstein, Kevin McNamara, Mark Berman, Matthew Stephens, Michael Phillips, Nick Jezierny, Sam Khan, Scott Johnson, Scott Wolf, Seth Davis)
  • Most common: 19 (13 times)
  • Full report here.

Michigan State (No. 21)

  • Best: No. 10 (Jon Wilner, a San Jose Mercury News reporter who also has the Spartans ranked highest among all voters in his football ballot).
  • Worst: Unranked (Bill Cole, Cormac Gordon, Elton Alexander, Fletcher Mackel, Roger Clarkson, Toni Ginnetti)
  • Most common: 23 (13 times)
  • Full report here.

Among the most common Big Ten outliers:

Fletcher Mackel may not be paying attention to college basketball just yet.

Borges of the New Haven Register seems to be a Big East guy, ranking Connecticut higher than all but one voter. He left off Michigan and Michigan State while putting Indiana at No. 24.

Mark Smith of the Albuquerque Journal leaves off Indiana and Illinois and leaves Ohio State down at No. 7 in his week 6 ballot, while including Memphis all the way up at No. 20 even after the Tigers lost to Murray State to fall to 5-3. Odd.

Mackel’s poll is particularly confusing. He leaves off Indiana and Michigan State in favor of Memphis, among other teams. He also has Ohio State ranked lower than any other voter.

But here’s what’s really odd about that: Mackel – a television reporter in New Orleans – did not include Memphis in his week 5 ballot – but added them to his week 6 ballot.

Perhaps he hasn’t been paying attention, busy with the Chris Paul story and all.


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5 Comments on “Big Ten Poll Watch: Who Was Snubbed By Whom”

  1. goldy17 Says:

    Great use of Who and Whom.


  2. Rowdiesdotcom Says:

    Do you have the breakdown of Northwestern’s 2 and 3 received votes?


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