Big Ten! ACC! Challenge!

It’s ACC-Big Ten Challenge day – or as we like to call it: Big Ten-ACC Challenge day, because we’re parochial like that.

(Note: The Big Ten is up 4-2 after Day 1. A game-by-game recap is here. The Day 2 recap can be found here.)

Before we get to our picks, here’s some trivia:

  • The ACC has won the challenge 10 of the 12 years.
  • The Big Ten, however, is on a two-year winning streak.
  • No Big Ten team has a winning record in the Challenge (Wisconsin and Ohio State are both .500, while Nebraska is 0-0).
  • Iowa has the worst record at 2-8. Indiana is not far behind at 3-7.
  • After losing to North Carolina and Duke, we’re pretty sure Michigan State will not be winning the ACC this year.

That should leave you with enough information to be interesting at your Big Ten-ACC Challenge watching parties (those exist, right?).

Update: Here are your Day 2 pregame stories: Wisconsin at North Carolina, Indiana at North Carolina State, Florida State at Michigan State, Wake Forest at Nebraska, Virginia Tech at Minnesota, and Penn State at Boston College.

Previously: Day 1 pregame stories: Illinois at Maryland, Michigan at Virginia, Northwestern at Georgia Tech, Duke at Ohio State, Miami at Purdue, and Clemson at Iowa.

Here are the official Daily Big Ten site picks (feel free to add your own picks in the comments):

Yes, we are homers

The excellent has a statistical breakdown of why we may not be completely full of it with our Big Ten-centric picks.

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9 Comments on “Big Ten! ACC! Challenge!”

  1. Tony Says:

    So there’s the most disagreement on Penn State and Indiana. I picked IU because I’m a blatant homer.


  2. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    Gee – think we’re a Big Ten blog (if the site header didn’t give it away)? All of us expect to win for the 3rd year in a row.



  3. Tony Says:

    Yeesh, Michigan 17, Virginia 12 under 4 to play.



  4. Tony Says:

    Maryland fans chanting: “Shut up, Bruce!” – causing my 6-year-old to ask “What are they saying? I know it’s not nice.”

    Manners, manners.


  5. Tony Says:

    wolverines lose, wildcats win. 1-1. Illini in a nailbiter…


  6. matt Says:

    I’m such a contrarian that I’m watching Iowa-Clemson right now.


  7. Tony Says:

    Standings after Day 1:

    Tony 5-1
    JML 5-1
    Matt 4-2
    Goldy 4-2
    GBG 4-2

    Good luck tomorrow!


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