Daily Big Ten Team Picks

Hopefully, you're betting slips won't look like this come Saturday night

Here are the official Daily Big Ten team picks from contributors to this fine site, which will surely help you get rich this weekend:

NEBRASKA 9.5 over Iowa

Nebraska: Tony, Matt, Bandana Guy GBG

Iowa: Goldy

MICHIGAN 7.5 over Ohio State

Michigan: Goldy

Ohio State: Tony, Matt, Bandana Guy GBG

Michigan State 7 over NORTHWESTERN

Michigan State: Goldy, Bandana Guy GBG, Matt, Tony

Northwestern: N/A

Purdue 7.5 over INDIANA

Purdue: Goldy, Tony, Bandana Guy GBG, Matt

Indiana: N/A

Illinois 10.5 over MINNESOTA

Illinois: Tony

Minnesota: Goldy, Bandana Guy GBG, Matt

WISCONSIN 14.5 over Penn State

Wisconsin: Goldy, Tony

Penn State: Bandana Guy GBG, Matt

Based on this, you may want to load up on Northwestern.


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11 Comments on “Daily Big Ten Team Picks”

  1. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    Yup – Gamblers everywhere take NU, and probably the Illini too.

    Feel free to shorten up ‘Bandanna Guy’ to ‘GBG’ to save space!


  2. Gopher Bandanna Guy Says:

    Looks like Nebraska covered today. So far so good on my end.


  3. Tony Says:

    Tony is 3-0 headed into the 3:30 games.

    Yes, I just went third person.


  4. Tony Says:

    Final Standing For Week:

    Tony 5-1
    Matt 5-1
    GBG 5-1
    Goldy 4-2

    We’re rich!


  5. goldy17 Says:

    Hey, I went 5-1 as well! Don’t shortchange me just because I have not posted yet!


  6. goldy17 Says:

    Michigan won.


  7. Tony Says:

    We will do B10-ACC Challenge straight-up though.


  8. goldy17 Says:

    Yep, my reading comprehension blows.


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