WSJ Shocked – Shocked! – To Find Paterno Ruled Happy Valley

November 22, 2011

Jerry Sandusky, PSU Football

The Wall Street Journal has a rather damning – though unsurprising – story on the Penn State football program on page one this morning that basically says Joe Paterno didn’t think the rules apply to him or his team.

In an Aug. 12, 2005, email to Pennsylvania State University President Graham Spanier and others, Vicky Triponey, the university’s standards and conduct officer, complained that Mr. Paterno believed she should have “no interest, (or business) holding our football players accountable to our community standards. The Coach is insistent he knows best how to discipline his players…and their status as a student when they commit violations of our standards should NOT be our concern…and I think he was saying we should treat football players different from other students in this regard.”

Ya think?

Then there’s this, which is more problematic, given the Jerry Sandusky mess:

Dr. Triponey also wrote that Mr. Paterno believed that the school’s code of conduct should not apply to any incidents that take place off campus—that those should be handled by police—and they shouldn’t be allowed to affect anyone’s status as a student.

“Coach Paterno would rather we NOT inform the public when a football player is found responsible for committing a serious violation of the law and/or our student code,” she wrote, “despite any moral or legal obligation to do so.”

This story undoubtedly could have been written about a majority of the coaches at a majority of the programs in a majority of major sports across the country. Yet the Journal seems shocked.

But the fact that was written in 2005 – three years after the McQueary report and six years before Sandusky and Co. were indicted – just makes it all the worse for Penn State.

Meanwhile, Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer anticipates more charges could be coming and his client’s bail could be revoked.

Update: Sara Ganim breaks another story, this time on two new alleged victims under 18.


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